Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fun Sensoria Event!

Susan Pardue, Kristin Knox, Carin Siegfried, Emily O'Shields, and Amy Brandon

This past Monday, I had the privilege to serve on a panel with some excellent fellow North Carolina book bloggers at Central Piedmont Community College's Sensoria event entitled "Blogging in the Literary World."  Amy Burns with the CPCC library did a great job organizing the event.  The lively discussion ranged from why some of us accept books for review and some don't, to stalking in the literary world, to using Twitter as a micro-blog, and on to questions from authors in the audience about author blogs, and questions from professors on to how to incorporate book blogs into lesson plans.

I thoroughly enjoyed an entire morning devoted to books and blogging, and I am so happy to have met these new friends in living color!  Thank you so much to Amy for putting the event together.  Here's a list of the panelists and their blogs.  Check them out!

Susan at

Kristin at

Carin at

Emily at

Amy at

And last but not least, NC's newest resident blogger (she just moved from MA) who came to cheer us on:

Care at

If you are a fellow NC, or even SC, book blogger, let me know who you are in the comments, or if you'd rather, email me at amypbrandon at icloud dot com.  I'd love to "meet" you too!


Kristen said...

I haven't managed to blog about it yet but it was great fun and wonderful to meet you.

Vintage Reading said...

Looks great, I've always found book bloggers such a supportive and friendly group. You don't get the kind of unpleasant spats you see elsewhere all over the internet!

thecuecard said...

Cool Amy. Sounds like you had a good discussion. I'll check out the NC bloggers, thanks! Not long ago I lived in Va. but now I am far away from the mid-Atlantic.

Amy said...

I thought I remembered that you were from this area-ish. What part of VA?

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