Monday, June 3, 2013

Just For Fun

Cartwheels in the Sand
photo by me

For the last month, I have been reading purely for entertainment.  I haven't blogged about the books I've been reading, I suppose, because I thought they lacked the proper gravitas for reflection.  But as I consider this idea, I think maybe I have been wrong.  Sometimes, life is so stressful and overwhelming, and it seems like every day is full of decisions that are full of portent and promise or disappointment that we need to escape.  We need to see ourselves in another place, another time, another world, even.  Being a lover of books, to me, doesn't just mean loving the books that "matter."  Sometimes it means loving the books that matter right then, the books that save you, every day, from the stress and ennui and overwhelming reality of life. 

The first "just for fun" book I read was Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.  I loved the mystery of this book at first.  The plot wore a little thin for me as the book went on, but it was entertaining and well-written for a YA fantasy novel.  I bought the second book and started it, but I'm not sure I'll stick with it.  Daughter of Smoke and Bone would be a great beach read.

After a YA fantasy, I switched to a YA (maybe a littel too much) reality in Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.  Eleanor and Park is also well-written, and I guess true to life for some people.  I don't know how realistic either character really is, but I enjoyed reading the book, even though the ending was very abrupt.  It's not a pick-me-up kind of book.

After these two, I entered the land of "WTH am I going to read now?" and started several books without finishing anything yet.  I started Beautiful Ruins by Jess  Walter and The Turkish Gambit by Boris Akunin, but now I've found The Round House by Louise Erdrich on my library's 14 Day Shelf and started it.  And I am still limping along on Les Miserable; I think it's going to take me all year.  I need a beach trip...a very long beach trip.  Happy Summer Reading!


Dani S said...

I have had the same feeling when it comes to blogging about light books. I started my blog to write about my thoughts about reading classics, but I have since moved on to reading a lot of romances and YA books. I don't blog about them because they don't seem deep enough to warrant an entire post. Then I feel guilty about leaving my blog quiet while I read books that are fun to read but not meaty enough for discussion. Those books are great when I need an escape, though.

Barbara said...

I sometimes just don't get around to writing. If I don't write immediately and start reading a new book, I can get two or three books behind. So I just give up -- and that's okay. I also usually don't blog about history books, because I am not a historian -- not even a real history buff -- only a new arrival to the Charlottesville area so I think I need to catch up on my early American history. While writing helps me digest books, I think just indulging in the sweet pleasure of reading is often enough.
Love the cartwheel!

Amy said...

@Dani: I understand. I decided I should at least mention the YA and "light" books I read with a recommendation whether or not to read. Maybe you could just do that. Sometimes I think we stress ourselves about all our blog post being worthy when really all we need to worry about is just passing on information :)

Amy said...

@Barbara: That I TOTALLY understand. Sometimes I feel paralyzed about moving on to my next book because I haven't recorded my thoughts about my last, and then sometimes I need to let some time pass before I write about a book, especially if I found it particularly touching or inspiring.

The cartwheel is my daughter a few years ago. That picture is one of my favorites of her because it so completely catches who she is!

BTW, one of my best friends is from Charlottesville, and her parents still live there. Lovely town!

Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader said...

"Sometimes it means loving the books that matter right then, the books that save you, every day, from the stress and ennui and overwhelming reality of life." <~~ Yes! I couldn't agree with you more.

I don't write about every book I read either. I think that would be too much for me..and my readers! I like to do quickie reviews for the library books I read, etc.

I enjoyed Beautiful Ruins quite a bit. The Round House is a great book as well. I hope you enjoy them both :)

Happy Sunday and happy reading!

Vintage Reading said...

I loved The Round House. Best book I've read in years. Hope you enjoy it, too!

Amy said...

Thanks! Just finished The Round House today. Now to get my thoughts in order for a post and to get back to Beautiful Ruins!

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