Sunday, February 12, 2012

Three Day Week-ends! Now!

It's Sunday night, and once again, I've spent the week-end running around too much to read enough for my liking.  I'm thinking a new law may need to be enacted to provide a three, if not four, day week-end to accomodate both my reading and my life.

The few times I've been able to sit down with my current read, I've been swept up in a world that only Margaret Atwood could imagine.  I love the way her mind works.  So often in her work, small details emerge that make me feel like I'm in on some obscure, clever, inside joke, where she interprets the outcomes of current events in ways most people would never predict.  I've only had time to delve a small way into Year of the Flood, but it promises to be as engaging and entertaining to me as I found Oryx and Crake to be ten years or so ago. 

I did spend this morning catching up on book blogs I try to follow, but there are two problems with reading book blogs.  One:  you are not actually reading your book, and two:  you proceed to want to read almost every book you read reviewed.  For a person with a TBR pile numbering the hundreds, this becomes a frustrating exercise in futility.    So here we go headed into another busy work week, where falling asleep by nine is the norm, and time to read becomes as realistic as the three day weekend.  Happy reading to all you independently wealthy and/or retired and/or smarter than me people who have just said screw it to the capitalistic society that holds the rest of us hostage. Here's hoping for more hours in the day or more holidays in the year.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. My TbR is unmanageable.

Amy said...

If you find a solution, please pass it along!

Dani in NC said...

I can relate to this post, especially when it comes to reading book blogs. With several of my activities such as knitting or cooking, I find myself reading so many blogs ABOUT the activity that I almost feel like I did it myself. Then I sit down to write a post for my own blog and realize I have nothing to write about because I didn't do anything!

(BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!)

Amy said...

Thanks, Dani. It's definitely a struggle to keep up with it all. You're in NC as in North Carolina? What part? I live near Winston-Salem.

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